We design, structure and manage investment projects and real estate developments.

Specialized professional and technical services, for independent developers, individual or corporate investors.

Development and management of multiple projects, through innovative business models.

  • Business prospecting
  • Due diligence
  • Business potential
  • Diseño de proyectos de inversión
  • ENG:
  • Business prospecting
  • Due diligence
  • Business potential
  • Design of investment projects


Fischer/Rubio. A professional firm specialized in the design, structuring and global management of investment projects and real estate developments. From Uruguay, we serve the world with an innovative business approach.

Besides promoting and managing several of our own projects, we provide a variety of specialized professional and technical services. Whether you are an independent developer, private or corporate investor, we invite you to get to know our business offering:

  • business prospecting
  • due diligence
  • business potential
  • investment project design
  • project planning
  • comprehensive project structuring
  • project and development management
  • Joint projects with the Uruguayan government through calls for bid, PPP, private projects, etc.

Fischer/Rubio is a professional joint venture, led by Accountant Javier Fischer Carve and MDI & Architect Daniel Rubio Porto. A strategic alliance that combines financial know-how with an urban planning and design sensibility, with the clear purpose of developing a global vision in real estate projects.

Cr. Javier Fischer Carve

Uruguayan CPA, specialized in the construction sector, with a vast experience in business management as well as in real estate trusts as a trustee.
A member of the Uruguayan Accountants Association, member of the tax commission and advisor at APPCU (Association of Private Developers of Uruguay). Member of the Institute for Tax Studies of Uruguay.
He is also the director of Fischer Studio, which provides professional services on accounting, tax and legal matters.

Fischer y Asociados:

MDI/Arq. Daniel Rubio Porto

Uruguayan architect and urban planning professional with a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) and a Master's degree in Real Estate Development (MDI).
He has had a long teaching career at the University of the Republic of Uruguay (FARQ), in the Chair of Architecture Projects and has a vast professional experience in the corporate world, in C-suit roles and large projects, as a designer and Project Manager.
DRP and Associates is a professional office specialized in project planning and management of real estate investment, and in the design of specific architectural projects to support medium to large scale real estate investments.

DRP y Asociados:


Survey of reference markets for identifying business opportunities. Business potential studies, upon request from real estate and/or land owners, with the purpose of finding options for investment projects in different formats and the greatest return on investment (ROI).


Integrated multidisciplinary technical synergies (architecture, financial, marketing, legal, taxes) we can find in the business idea identified from the preliminary studies and corresponding technical analyses.


Study and documentation of the global plans required for the development of the investments and businesses that ensure safe and efficient processes.


Search and provision of all the resources needed (talent pool, financial resources, technology, etc.) for the implementation of the investments and real estate businesses.


Comprehensive management and control of project execution and investments, to ensure a successful completion, and the closure of operations, taxes and legal matters.

Developments and investment projects

Edificio LA SALINA

Edificio LA SALINA

Punta del Este, El Faro
La Salina y Virazón s/n
46 apartamentos, 46 cocheras, servicios y amenities.
Área edificada: 4.350 m2
FISCHER/RUBIO, promoción, diseño del proyecto, estructuración y gerenciamiento de la inversión

Carrasco Inn La Candelaria Mansa Inn Beach Mansa Inn Etapa 1 Mansa Inn Etapa 2 Mansa Inn Etapa 3 Novus Lamas Office 25 Urban Port Urban Port II Urban Port III Urban Punta Carretas Urban Punta Carretas II Urban Suites II Urban Suites III Urban Suites IV Urban Suites Malvín Urban Suites V Urban Suites VI Urban Suites VII Urban Suites VIII


Edificio Saint Honore

Edificio Saint Honore

Punta del Este, La Pastora Parada 3 La Mansa
72 apartamentos y 72 concheras. Area edificada 7500m2
MDI/Arq Daniel Rubio Porto . Proyecto de arquitectura y de construcción.

Edificio Yoo Punta del Este by Philippe Starck

Edificio Yoo Punta del Este by Philippe Starck

Punta del Este, Avda. F.D. Roosevelt P. 8
204 apartamentos, 204 cocheras, loc. comerciales, amenities y servicios.
Área edificada: 30.000 m2
MDI/Arq. Daniel Rubio, Project Manager de K. Group Holdings (Miami, Flo. USA)

Edificio 1385

Edificio 1385

Montevideo, Pocitos. Julio Cesar 1385
8 apartamentos, 8 cocheras, servicios y amenities
Área edificada: 710 m2
Cr. Javier Fischer, Administrador y Fiduciario

Edificio 1280

Edificio 1280

Montevideo, Pocitos. Julio Cesar 1280
10 apartamentos, 7 cocheras, servicios y amenities
Área edificada: 2.100 m2
Cr. Javier Fischer, Administrador y Fiduciario

Edificio Plaza Da Vinci

Edificio Plaza Da Vinci

Montevideo, J. Benito Lamas y J. Ellauri
30 apartamentos, 30 cocheras y servicios
Área edificada: 4.650 m2
MDI/Arq. Daniel Rubio, Gerente de Proyecto para TDI–Taranto Desarrollo Inmobiliario (Grupo STILER)

Urbanización Ciudad Parque

Urbanización Ciudad Parque

Maldonado, Cerro Pelado
Cno. Benito Nardone, cont. Avda. Wilson Ferreira Aldunate
Área urbanizada: 1.000.000 m2
Arq. Daniel Rubio, Diseño urbanístico y Master Plan, diseño del proyecto de inversión, Project Manager